One Veteran’s Wish for Others

Veteran Kim Mitchell’s holiday wish is success for others.

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A Job Well Done

The Veterans Village of San Diego (VVSD) is a non-profit organization aimed at rehabilitating homeless veterans. President Kim Mitchell, a veteran herself, is dedicated to providing every resource possible to give these veterans a fresh start for their future. Kim’s wish is to set these men and women up for success. So, UPS delivered.

After a day of volunteering, a group of VVSD veterans and local UPS employees came together for a holiday meal hosted at the Veteran’s Village. Some of the veterans, including one named Hector, were in for more than just turkey and pumpkin pie. During his address to the group, UPS Veteran Affairs manager Pat O’Leary announced that Hector, along with a handful of rehabilitated veterans, were to be given jobs at the San Diego UPS facility marking the beginning of a partnership between UPS and the Veterans Village of San Diego. Kim’s wish for her fellow veterans will continue to come true in the years to come!