A Little Boy’s Big Wish

A UPS driver delivers a tiny surprise to her biggest fan.

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A Boy and his UPS Driver

James and his UPS driver Miss Kellie had an instant connection. Every time Miss Kellie’s package car came up the driveway, James would fly out the door to greet her. After meeting Miss Kellie and seeing what she does every day, James decided he wanted to be a UPS driver just like his friend. When Miss Kellie found out James’ wish was to have his very own UPS truck, she set out to help make it happen.

And boy, did Miss Kellie deliver. She came down the driveway in her package car and was greeted by an exuberant James, just like any other day. Little did James know, his tiny UPS truck was loaded in the back with a big red bow. This was going to be a delivery James would never forget.