The Show Must Go On

Power tools, paint, and a little TLC moves a small town theatre group to tears of joy.

Performance Art with Heart

Shanna Moore’s love affair with community theatre began six years ago, and has grown in leaps and bounds ever since. She’s a UPS Inventory Control Representative and an active contributor to Delaware City’s Reedy Point Players, which relies solely on volunteers to pull off one amazing performance after another. They easily work 60-80 hours a week leading up to productions because they do everything, including building stage sets and props by hand. But it’s all worth it. The Reedy Point Players have become a beacon for inspiration and inclusion. It’s a place where people of diverse backgrounds can come together to find common ground and explore new forms of creative expression.

Wanting to give back to the theatre that has brought her and the community so many years of enjoyment, Shanna submitted a wish to UPS for supplies and tools so they can make their upcoming plays even more amazing.

Delivering Theatre Magic

When Shanna found out her wish was coming true, she jumped into action and helped us coordinate our big surprise. We arrived with a variety of items including paint, lumber, power tools and a new fridge to help them prepare for upcoming productions like A Christmas Carol.

Members of the Reedy Point Players couldn’t believe their little theatre was getting such a big surprise. Emotions ran high and some members even broke into tears of gratitude. It just goes to show that it’s the little things that give people so much joy.

Labor of Love

Shanna and the rest of the Reedy Point Players wasted no time putting the tools and materials to good use. In the past, they've had to reuse materials again and again—but not this time. Everyone’s faces beamed with excitement and joy as they started building brand new sets. Their energy and passion was so invigorating, it’s easy to see why the Reedy Point Players are deeply beloved by their community. We can’t wait to applaud their next performance!