A Soldier's Wish

UPS reunites an active duty soldier with the dog she rescued in the Middle East just in time for the holidays.

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Finding a Forever Home

Lily is an active duty service member who just returned to the States after three tours in the Middle East. While serving overseas, she met a stray dog that stole her heart and named her Kelby, which means “my dog” in Arabic. Kelby was living amongst the rubble behind an abandoned building, surviving on scraps of garbage. Lily knew she had to bring Kelby home with her, so she contacted SPCA International (SPCA-I) to help. SPCA-I had all of the processes in place to transport Kelby from the Middle East to the United States, but relies completely on donations. That’s where UPS stepped in to help.

When we heard about SPCA-I’s work and the story of Lily and Kelby, we knew we had to do something. So we teamed up with SPCA-I to deliver a very special reunion for Lily and Kelby, and also funded the reunion of three more rescue dogs with their active duty soldiers. Now, Kelby is starting a new life in her forever home with Lily by her side.

A framed photo of Lily and Kelby overseas.
Kelby in her kennel traveling from the Middle East to the US.
Kelby gets checked out by the SPCA-I vet.
UPS driver Jed bonds with Kelby before delivering her to Lily.
Surprise! Kelby and Lily are reunited at last.
Kelby gives kisses to her new mom Lily.
Lily and Jed share a hug after another special surprise.
Kelby gets her first taste of nutritional dog food. (She loved it!)
Kelby plays with her new favorite toy: a tennis ball.
Lily and Kelby relax in the backyard (with belly rubs) after an eventful day.