The Smallest Wish Giver

See how one little girl with a huge heart spreads joy to others.

The Little Girl with a Huge Heart

Juliana may be small, but her compassion for others is larger than life. Despite being only four years old, she has an incredibly generous spirit, and also just so happens to be from a family of UPSers. When her mother, Ashley, came to us with a wish for Juliana to be able to deliver gifts to less fortunate children, we were deeply touched. Simply put—Juliana is not like other little kids her age. She cares less about her own needs, and instead is driven to give back to others. After hearing her story, we knew we had to act. Watch how UPS helped make Juliana’s dream come true.

The Magic Unfolds

Juliana's mother, father and grandfather all work for UPS, which made coordinating her surprise all that much easier. Together, we arranged for a UPS package car filled with toys of all shapes and sizes, from bicycles to giant stuffed animals to arrive at her home. Her reaction said it all—Juliana was beside herself with excitement. Finally, now she could fulfill her dream of giving presents to kids who need them the most.

A Winter Wonderland

Next up on Juliana’s itinerary was a special trip to the Louisville Boys & Girls Club to hand out the gifts. Earlier that day, UPS volunteers transformed the entire gym into a winter wonderland—the perfect festive setting for her special toy delivery. As kids from the Boys & Girls Club entered the space, they couldn’t believe it when instead of a basketball court, they found a magical place filled with twinkling lights, snow-capped trees and the ultimate surprise—a giant stack of presents.

A Wish Delivered

With each present Juliana handed out, the smiles and joy around the room were undeniable. The ultimate gift Juliana gave to the children at the Boys & Girls Club goes way beyond the toys they took home—now they’ll have memories that last a lifetime. And, so will all the UPS volunteers. Delivering wishes isn’t easy, but it’s our favorite challenge. One look at Juliana’s smile, and you’ll know why.