Delivering Hope

UPS employees in Puerto Rico help a mother and daughter who have continuously put others’ needs above their own in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

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The Meaning of Life

For Mavel, the meaning of life can be summed up into one word: service. In the year since Hurricane Maria devastated the island of Puerto Rico, Mavel and her daughter Ana have dedicated their time to serving their community despite having lost everything in the storm. Mavel says when you focus on helping others, you forget your own circumstances, even if only for a day. It’s no surprise to anyone that her wish is to help the community of Mayagüez continue to rebuild and thrive.

A group of UPS employees from Puerto Rico volunteered to spend the day making Mavel’s wish come true, and then some. The first delivery to Mavel was for her community. The UPS volunteers transformed a small warehouse in Mayagüez into a fully stocked and organized hub for supplies and aid. And while Mavel was hard at work with the volunteers at the warehouse, we sent a secret group of volunteers in trucks filled with furniture, decor and appliances to her unfurnished house. At the end of the day, Mavel returned to find her empty house transformed into a home.

Mavel and her daughter Ana stand amongst the wreckage in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico.
Mavel comforts Ana after seeing the devastation on the beach.
Mavel prepares for a day of volunteering.
Mavel walks through the neighborhood with boxes of supplies in tow.
A neighbor thanks Mavel and Ana for their generosity.
UPS employees from Puerto Rico unload boxes of supplies at the community warehouse.
The UPS volunteers organize and stock the shelves of Mavel’s warehouse.
A brand new armchair is set down in Mavel’s formerly empty living room.
A UPS volunteer rearranges decorative jars on Mavel’s kitchen counter.
Mavel admires her new furniture, still trying to process the special delivery from UPS.