Little Girl, Big Future

6-year-old Parson spends an unforgettable day learning from her UPS driver, Tammy.

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For the Love of UPS

Parson’s love for UPS began when her family started a book drive for Texas Children’s Hospital, a place near and dear to their hearts. Parson was immediately drawn to the friendly drivers and shiny, brown trucks making their daily deliveries to her home. Then, Parson met a UPS driver that would change her life: Miss Tammy. Miss Tammy’s daily deliveries took on a whole new meaning for both Parson and the Herrington family. She wasn’t just delivering packages; Miss Tammy was delivering confidence, joy and countless hugs to Parson at a time when she needed it most.

Because of Miss Tammy, Parson’s biggest wish is to one day become a UPS driver. So, with the help of Miss Tammy, we made Parson’s wish come true. Parson spent the day learning from Miss Tammy at the UPS hub in Jasper, TX. She clocked in, scanned packages, packed up the delivery truck and even went out with Miss Tammy on a few of her deliveries! It was an unforgettable day that ended with a very special delivery for Parson: her very own tiny UPS truck and the confidence to know she can be anything she wants to be when she grows up.

Parson colors at home in her special UPS pajamas.
Tammy and Parson hug in the driveway of the Herrington home.
Tammy tells Parson she has a special day planned for the two of them.
First order of business: Parson attends the morning meeting with her coworkers at the UPS hub in Jasper, TX.
Parson learns how to use the package scanner.
Parson excitedly waits for packages to come down the conveyor belt.
Packages come down the conveyor belt, ready for Parson to scan.
Parson sits jumpseat in Tammy’s package car, ready for a day of deliveries.
Parson delivers a package on Tammy’s route.
Tammy watches Parson jump for joy after she sees her new tiny truck.
Parson gets behind the wheel of her shiny new ride.