Big Wishes, Tiny Trucks

Tiny package cars. Larger-than-life deliveries. See how we surprised some special kids around the globe.

A Tiny Tradition Begins

Two years ago, we met Carson, a little boy with a larger-than-life fascination with UPS and a special connection with his driver, Mr. Ernie. To show how much we appreciated his friendship, we surprised Carson with his very own tiny package car to deliver packages in his neighborhood, just like his role model.

Meaningful relationships like theirs don’t just happen on one route, but are seen the world over. So this year, we ramped up our efforts to surprise even more deserving children across the globe—from California to Germany—and make once-in-a-lifetime deliveries to some of our smallest fans.

A Big Hero and a Tiny Truck

For 4-year-old Jayden, heroes don’t wear capes—they don brown uniforms and drive big brown trucks.

“Last year, for Halloween, he wore a UPS costume,” explains Jayden’s mom, Michelle Euler. “You know, Superman wears a uniform, Batman wears a uniform and [UPS driver] Mr. Paul wears a uniform. Because that’s who he wants to be.”

And whenever Mr. Paul drops by his house to make deliveries, Jayden races to greet him with a hero’s welcome—in his matching UPS uniform, of course.

So, it was only fitting Mr. Paul was the one to lift open the hatch of his truck to reveal Jayden’s big surprise—a tiny truck of his own.

Afterwards, the two spent the afternoon riding side-by-side making deliveries so Jayden could get a little on-the-job training from his real-life hero.

A Drive for Volunteering

To her customers, Shelly Perez-Dickson is the face of UPS. But to the kids at GiGi’s Playhouse, a Down syndrome achievement center in Des Moines, Iowa, she is a beloved teacher and a close friend.

For several years, Shelly has volunteered at GiGi’s mentoring children with Down syndrome and fostering life-defining relationships. And her volunteerism has not gone unnoticed, as UPS encourages Shelly’s efforts towards working to make a positive impact.

“[UPS] has allowed me to be able to help other people. And they celebrate that.”

To reward Shelly’s devotion and selfless commitment, UPS surprised the kids of GiGi’s Playhouse with a tiny truck to assist in their development and add a little more fun to the teaching process for years to come.

“I knew we would be able to use [the tiny truck] here at the playhouse,” explains GiGi’s Program Director Jessica Lane. “Not just for fun, but a purpose behind the play.”

The Tradition Gets a Little Bigger

For the first time, UPS expanded its tradition of delivering tiny trucks around the world. In all, we manufactured and shipped over 20 trucks globally—including to achievement centers, schools and hospitals—surprising hundreds of deserving children in the US, Canada, UK, Mexico and Germany.

We discovered that, even though delivering big brown boxes is what we do, the relationships we form with even our tiniest fans are why we do it. These special connections aren’t confined by a border, but are universal and we will continue to cherish them one (tiny) delivery at a time.