A Magical Surprise for Julio

Julio has a dream to be a UPS driver just like his dad. See him light up when his wish comes true for a day.

A Magical Surprise for Julio

UPS driver Marco Ramos’ son Julio dreams of being a superhero when he grows up. However, if he doesn’t wear a cape and fight crime, he’d like to don a brown uniform and drive a big UPS truck, just like his father.

Julio has a larger-than-life fascination with his father’s job, especially since Marco has driven over 14 years without an accident and is an esteemed member of the UPS Mexico Excellence Circle.

So, Julio’s real-life hero had a wish: to give his son a package car of his very own.

Driving his UPS truck, Marco picked up his son for a ride to a miniature Christmas town. Awaiting Julio, was a giant surprise—a tiny truck, along with a uniform and a very important package to deliver: the key that lit the giant Christmas tree in the village.