A Big Surprise for Tiny Recruits

Meet our most adorable recruits yet—the children of a remarkable German daycare center Kita Teichstraße. Watch UPS surprise them with a tiny truck and a day of special training.

A Big Surprise for Tiny Recruits

Kita Teichstraße is a German non-profit association that works tirelessly to support both disabled and non-disabled children. The facility houses a series of activity rooms for the children, including a sports hall, and a sprawling outdoor recreational area.

The staff diligently organizes activities that seamlessly integrate into their overall support for the children. From visiting local institutions, like banks and museums, to taking trips into nature near Cologne, Kita Teichstraße continually keeps the kids engaged and active.

Additionally, they provide small, motorized carts that are used to strengthen camaraderie and inclusion. SInce UPS has worked with Kita Teichstraße for several years, they decided to supplement their current fleet of carts with a brand new tiny truck.

So, UPS visited Kita Teichstraße to surprise the kids with a tiny truck and enlisted them as recruits for the day. Together, they spent the afternoon learning through on the job training and perfected navigating a brand new obstacle course in their package cars.