A Walk in Mike's Shoes

See how one man’s life is transformed by a simple pair of new shoes.

A Simple Wish

When UPS city driver Tony Yates first met Mike Graham at his local church, he had no idea that one day he’d help transform Mike’s life. But that’s exactly what happened—it all started with a simple wish from Tony. Mike suffers from Prader-Willi syndrome, and due to his propensity towards foot fractures, needs expensive custom shoes. As a result, he’s been forced to wear the same worn-out pair for the last three years, making it painful for him to do his favorite activities like bowling and volunteering. Wanting to help his friend, Tony submitted a wish for a new pair of shoes for Mike.

Christmas Comes Early

When Tony found out UPS was not only going to give Mike one new pair of custom shoes, but three, he was speechless. Having several pairs will give Mike years of comfort to look forward to. Tony couldn’t wait to surprise Mike with his early Christmas gift and headed straight to his community living facility, Choices for People, where he receives 24/7 medical care. When Tony arrived on his doorstep with three beautifully wrapped boxes, Mike’s face started to beam with excitement. No words can fully describe the expression on his face when he opened them. Mike removed the shoes and wrapped his arms around Tony with a huge smile on his face. Finally, now he can enjoy the things he loves most in life without suffering.

New Shoes, New Beginnings

Mike wasted no time putting his custom new shoes to good use. He and Tony spent the rest of the afternoon doing a variety of his favorite activities. First stop was the bowling alley where Mike got to play a game pain-free for the first time in years. Next, they headed to their local church to volunteer. After receiving such an amazing gift, Mike was eager to give back to others. There, they went to work wrapping presents for children with incarcerated parents. Throughout the entire day, neither Mike nor Tony could stop smiling. Their special friendship and deep compassion for others is an inspiration to us all.