Smiles, Surprises and School Supplies

Watch a proud dad help his extraordinary daughter inspire future generations.

Teaching by Example

Jennifer, or Ms. Coliton as her 5th graders call her, is an inspiration to all those around her. At just 23 years of age, she’s discovered what takes many people their entire lifetimes to realize—giving back is what matters most. It’s a lesson her father, UPS Director of Global Health and Safety John Coliton, worked hard to instill in Jennifer since she was just a little girl. That rich foundation ultimately led her to a teaching position at Camelot Elementary in Florida, where our magical surprise unfolds.

A Curriculum of Compassion

Camelot Elementary is different from other schools in that it has a diverse mix of students—including some who are less fortunate than others—all learning together under one roof. Some of the kids in Jennifer’s class lack basic necessities like backpacks, pencils, paper and even toothbrushes. As a result, it’s infinitely harder for them to focus and perform well, especially when surrounded by others who have so much. Jennifer’s father knew she wanted to do more, which is why his wish was to provide enough supplies to last Camelot Elementary an entire year. With the help of UPS, John was able to deliver a special gift to Jennifer’s school.

Special School Delivery

John arrived at Camelot Elementary with two trucks filled with every school supply imaginable as well as a variety of necessities like blankets, socks and other toiletries. Jennifer’s eyes filled with tears of joy as she realized that not only was her school receiving much-needed supplies, they were being delivered by her dad, who flew in from out of state.

Where Dreams Begin

Jennifer’s students could barely contain their excitement when they saw their school’s lobby area overflowing with packages. She explained that UPS donated the items to help them succeed, to which they all replied with shouts of glee. It was truly a day to remember at Camelot Elementary, one we hope will last for Jennifer and her students for years to come.