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Little Girl, Big Future

Parson's love for UPS began long before she met Tammy. Since then, her love has transformed into something else: a wish to become a UPS driver.


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Little Girl, Big Future Favorite34

Little Girl, Big Future

6-year-old Parson spends an unforgettable day learning from her UPS driver, Tammy. More

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UPS support has allowed Toys for Tots to deliver 39 million books to less fortunate children over the past 10 years helping to break the cycle of poverty.

— Toys for Tots

A huge thank you to UPS for delivering support during the Wishes Delivered campaign and inspiring great futures for America’s youth at Boys & Girls Clubs of America since 2009.

— Boys & Girls Clubs of America

We’re inspired to change lives for the better each day, and it’s clear that UPS is too. For that reason, The Salvation Army is a proud partner in the UPS Wishes Delivered campaign.

— The Salvation Army

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